Year of the Horse

2002 is the Year of the Horse in Chinese Astrology. The Horse needs to be loved....and to love in return. Horse natives need to touch and be touched, to hold and be held, and to be in relationship.

They want to belong, be included and be mated. Many Horses will marry and stay married far longer than they should under adverse conditions, because they don't want to lose that partnership.

Other Horses will find that although they dislike being alone, they often are. Some will jump from one relationship to another just to be in one; while others wait for the right man or woman...and years go by before they look around and realize something has to change or they are going to stay alone.

Horses shouldn't be alone because they make such good partners. Because they are in love with love, they go out of their way to make a good home, and a good environment for a marriage.

The Horse is much like Librans in western astrology. Libras too, want to be married, defer to the spouse and literally can have no opinion of their own..." What do you think/want/desire, dear?" It's hard for Librans to make a decision; they've been looking to their parent, friend or mate to be the leader for far too long. Other influences would give the Libran more independence.

Just as in the Chinese 5 element system upon which acupuncture is based, each meridian is named after an organ of the body (stomach, spleen, heart, etc.) the Chinese say don't take that literally; yet if the meridian stays out of balance the organ will be affected.

Here too, while the Horse and Libra energies are much the same, they do have elements that smack of similarity, yet are different. The Horse wants to be in marriage, but it will not acquiesce to the other quite as much.

Horses hate to be vulnerable. This can be in relationship or something like not wanting to be an uninformed consumer when they have to call and complain about shoddy work...or get information from the beauracy and be afraid they'll inadvertently say something wrong because they don't know the system.

The meridian in the 5 element acupuncture system for which the Horse is the archetype, is the Heart. Horses have a heart "that's as big as all outdoors", wear their heart on their sleeve, are soft hearted, a soft touch; yet can be hard hearted too, if they've given and given and given and get nothing in return. At some point they will just turn and walk away when they realize it's hopeless.

The Horse's foundation is fear. Mom instilled fear in the little Horse at some point, and it's an uphill battle to conquer it. Hence, they will not take chances and not make the moves they should at times for fears they can't name.

Their shadow issue revolves around abandonment and betrayal. They can draw in mates who reflect this energy. They can get angry and hold grudges for long periods of time. This is the reason when these repressed energies cause physical distress when they aren't released.

The Horse has to contend with feelings of inferiority. Dad in some way kept the Horse beholden, or criticized and kept the Horse from feeling truly worthy. Horses have trouble with self esteem because of that.

No matter what year you were born, there is Horse energy somewhere in your chart:

Ox - The Ox finds Horses on the job or as a step mother. The Ox can get irritated when the Horse is more focused on his/her mate and family, than the job.

Tiger - The Tiger has Horses for kids, and the first child in particular. Tigers also find Horses agreeable as love interests. Tigers and Horses will get along pretty well together.

Cat- Cats have Horses as mothers. It can also be an aunt/uncle 3 younger than the father - which may be why the Cat relates to them in a similar fashion. Mother Horse and child Cat can be at odds, because the Cat is preoccupied with neuroses sometimes...and The Horse wonders where this came from...certainly not from her!

Dragon - The Dragon has Horses for siblings and the first one after it in particular. These two get along pretty well, for the Horse will look adoringly at the Dragon as it struts in the spotlight.

Snake - The Snake can seek out Horses for advice on their money. Snakes don't like to be vulnerable when it comes to money matters, so who better than a Horse with a financial bent, who can recognize this.

Horse - The Horse's demeanor is similar to mom's dad and dad's mom. They reflect the Horse energy, too. If the Horse has been included by these two in their lives, they are much more willing to wait for the right mate, for these grandparents have given them a feeling of security about themselves.

Sheep - The Sheep can have a Horse as a stepfather. Some Horses, if they have been touch inappropriately as a child will have problems relating to others, and the Sheep may find this step father remote. A healthy Horse will be a boon to this child.

Monkey - The Monkey has friends as Horses. They are integrally a part of their hopes and wishes. This also shows how the Monkey is loved. Their mate will shower them with love, even if the Monkey is controlling; the Horse can see beyond the facade the Monkey projects to the world.

Rooster - The Rooster has a Horse for a father and also employers. The Rooster and Horse may not get along because the Rooster has many fears, which the Horse tries to keep clear of, so as not to be caught up in it.

Dog - The Dog has coaches, professors and ministers who are Horses. The Horse can help the Dog be more open and loving, but the Dog can protect the Horse from getting hurt in relationship by barking and scarinng people away.

Boar - The Boar has Horses that can advise on stock and bonds. The Boar tends to be bogged down and its hard for the Horse to find investments that the Boar will respond to.

Rat - The Rat has a Horse for a mate. Regardless of what you've read in traditional Chinese Astrology, that the Horse and Rat shouldn't pair up, they do. When we overlay the Chinese animal chart over the western astrology chart, the Horse is the Rat's mate and shadow energy. The Rat will feel abandoned or betrayed and become enraged if the Horse leaves. The Rat will also have a Horse type as a second child.

Now, Horses, don't write someone off who's a potential mate, just because they aren't a Rat, or an Aries (which is Rat energy). More often you marry the animal energy that's opposite that at the time of your birth, which is more reflective of you personally; but the Rat is part of the picture. A person may not be born in that year, but their, month, day or hour animal may be that energy or they can have a lot of planets in that area. After awhile you'll be able to recognize just who represents the energy and who doesn't.

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